Prescription, eating out, coffee, supermarket food, and didn’t spend any of my own money. Great day.

We had a list of things to do today, and that always makes time fly by.  First off my husband had blood work, for his nephrologist, next week.  We then had cereal at home, picked up my free prescription at the pharmacy, and then went to the gym.  I did weight lifting, and an hour of Zumba.

From here we went to Bob Evans restaurant.  We go once a month, as my husband loves their biscuits and gravy.  He is not supposed to have it due to his heart condition, and diabetes, but the doctors say that he can have whatever he wants occasionally.  We had a gift card for his birthday last year, so a free meal.

From here we went to sign the checks for our timeshare.  I called into Dunkin Donuts, yes a different one from my last weeks experience, as I had a free one.  I asked for a hot latte, and after they had zapped the app, they told me that the machine was being cleaned.  I ended up with an iced one.

We then had to drop a package off at the UPS store, and close by was Publix supermarket.  I was sent a $25 gift card from my H.M.O., so my husband got another no sugar added cheesecake, and I got a B.O.G.O.F. decaf coffee.  It’s really hard to find it in flavors, so got a French vanilla, and a hazelnut.  I didn’t spend all of it, so still have money available.


We did all this, Bob Evans, Dunkin Donuts, and Publix, and didn’t spend a penny of our money.  Just love days like this.



  1. Love that, no money spent, great way to go! I have actually done that as well, though I don’t think I did quite as much as you, keep it up. And thanks for following my blog, hope you will enjoy it for a long time!

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