Mentoring a senior.

I have been working at the gym with a young lady for over 6 months now, who is older than me.  She is the one that shows up, and asks for help with her diet, she is prediabetic, and also asked how to make muscle, as she is losing weight.

Today I spent an hour with her, not only boxing training, but also going through her diet to cut out more carbs, and sugar, but try to maintain her weight.

We then went into the main area of they gym, where the weights are.  She said that she used to lift 8 lb. weights, but hasn’t used hand weights in a very long time.  I started her with 3 lb. weights, and showed her the correct way to lift, also 4 types to begin with.

She asked me if I would work with her on the weights tomorrow before Zumba.  Of course I said Yes, even though it cuts into my time working out.

Do you mentor anyone younger, or older than you?


  1. That’s fantastic Susie. You are an inspiration to others. I try to offer little suggestions now and then to others to see if they are interested but many don’t pick up on it.

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  2. Not now but I used to teach Tai Chi to seniors when my kids were in kindergarten. I think it is wonderful that you are helping this person of 80 years! I’m sure she really appreciates it.

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