Lots of goodies for charities.

I have been trying to sort out products I received from sellers, that are brand new, and I won’t be using.  It is silly to get more products from Amazon when I have too many already.20190110_130659

The Am Vets contacted me, and asked if I had anything for them.  Well, I have bags of clothes, as I have received so many new ones, these past few months.  Many of them are either too big, or I have had them several years, and barely worn them.

I will also sort out earbuds, earphones, and many smaller items that I have lots of.  They might as well get the benefit of them.

I have mentally noted that I won’t be ordering anything I don’t need in the future, unless it goes to homeless shelters, or charities.  You can only have so much.  That is why I am writing far less reviews these days.


  1. Sounds like you too may have jumped on Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ talking about only keeping things that give us joy! great, you’re sorting it out and finding things you can give away rather than throw out!

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  2. I am also sorting through stuff right now, I have way too much, much new or nearly so and it may as well go to someone who can make use of it. And now that I live in a small apartment it makes me realize just how much I really have. Great idea.

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