Helpful tips from the AARP Bulletin.

As we are both members of AARP, we get the AARP Bulletin bimonthly.  This really does give good advice, and help for those over 50.  Well, I would say 70 now, as that seems to be the new 50.

In this edition they have 2 pages on Ways to Add healthy Years to your life.

Being into fitness, and so many people ask me how to start, I thought I would type a few of their recommendations.

‘Regular physical activity can slow the aging process and prevent disease. An active adult that exercisers can experience a 9 year aging advantage.

People age 80+ who continue to exercise have a lower death rate.

Do any kind of exercise as it can drop the death risk between 16 – 30%.

Get up from a seated position without using your hands.

Buy a hand dynamometer (grip) to see how your strength is.

Sit on the edge of a chair with one leg extended.  Reach for your toes of the extended leg with both hands.  The goal is less than 4 inches space between fingers and toes.  To improve take a yoga class.

Go to a class at the gym.

Do squats and lunges.

Do balance exercises.

Do HIIT.  Vary your walking with short bursts of fast walking, with longer bouts of strolling.

Do plank exercises to strengthen your core.

Tai chi is well-known for its mind and body benefits.’

Hoping this is helpful to some of my readers that are a similar age to me.  No matter what exercise you do, it all counts, and will make you healthier.  Just do it.

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  1. Thank you for this helpful advice. My husband and I dropped out of the AARP when they became so political and were openly supporting those we opposed. But I appreciate what you shared from their periodical.

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