Cold but beautiful day at the beach.

This morning we had our board meeting at the timeshare, and then I went for a short walk on the beach.  The sun was under cloud cover, and the wind was coming from the north.  Boy, was it cold for Florida weather.

This afternoon I was well wrapped up, and have been on the beach for the past hour and a half.  The sun is out, the water sparkling, and great for power walking to get warm, and then strolling.  I have already done 12,711 steps.

I came up to the timeshare to watch the second half of the Manchester City – Wolves game, and will be going down again, to walk prior to the sunsetting.

I wanted to share some winter beach photos with you.




  1. I’m originally from Florida and we used to live in Siesta Key. My absolute favorite place. I missed the beach terribly even though I live on an island it sure isn’t the same. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

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  2. I love Florida beaches!😍 I went to the beach with my boyfriends family in 2018 for Christmas- and the beach was SO beautiful. Of course it was still 70 degrees, so we didn’t get in the water; but I’m thankful we all went!

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