Time to sit down and relax

It’s been a busy day today.  We got up, and did a little packing, then went down to our Owner’s meeting at the timeshare.  The heaters were on, coffee and donuts provided, while the owners were updated on what is happening with their maintenance money.

I managed a 15 minute walk along the boardwalk, before coming back up, and finishing the packing.

I drove us to Peggy O’s for our favorite bangers and mash.  I brought 2/3rd home.  Then to my husband’s nephrologist.  We were in the waiting area for an hour, and then in the room for another 30 minutes, before he came in.

The reason we stay with him is that he is so thorough, and gives you as long as you need.  My husband is going on yet another generic medication, and a brand new one.  I have to find out how much it is in the morning, and see if any of it is covered with his insurance.  It wasn’t in their medication book at all, which kind of worries me.  We were in there for 25 minutes, so that’s how 2 hours disappeared.

Finally home, and have the food put in the fridge/freezer, and pantry.  I am planning on unpacking my cases tomorrow, as we are so often away, my toiletry bag is filled with products that I only use there.  One less bag to worry about.

So we will be watching EastEnders on Britbox, and then enjoying our other English programs.

Tomorrow I will be catching up at the gym.  Today has to be the least amount of exercise I have done in the past 6 years.  However, I did all the lifting today, but my body is yearning for tomorrow.  I know I won’t feel tired, because working out gives me energy.



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