$1,106.09 for 30 day supply of medication.

Yes you read that right.  My husband has had kidney failure for 25 years now, and we have kept it stage 4.  It did go to stage 5 when he had emergency surgery, but after a few weeks I got it back to stage 4.

His potassium has been high the last few times we saw his nephrologist, and he has given up bananas, oranges, and Brussel sprout.  He doesn’t like avocado, so that’s not a problem.

The doctor said that there is a new powder that works well, and has very few side effects, so he gave us a prescription. I took it to the pharmacy, and veltassa 8.4 powder isn’t covered by my husband’s insurance.  Of course we didn’t get it, and I phoned the doctor’s office to see if it is ‘medically necessary’, and he would have to contact the H.M.O., or prescribe something else.

Still waiting on a response from him.

How can anyone on a pension afford this kind of medication.


  1. Crikey, that’s awful! I’m in the UK so things are a bit different (something like this wouldn’t be on the NHS and would have to be ordered online from another country privately, which is what annoys the heck out of me). It’s so very unfair for this to not be covered. Is there an alternative brand for the powder? Really do hope you get some answers soon and a better way forward than such an expensive option! xx

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  2. Yesterday I heard of a child who was going blind and needed a brand new (but effective) medication that would cure his disease. Cost: over $400,000! You read it right. The head of the drug company said they based the price on the value of the cure for a blind child….what being able to see is worth. How can you do that? Things have gotten way out of hand.

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  3. We were self employed here, and had to pay for health insurance. We worked out with premiums, deductibles, and copays up until 65 we spent around $350,000. I am thankful for the NHS for my family.


  4. Being from the UK you understand better than most about the importance of the NHS. When I lived in the US, as long as I had a job I was covered but for the unemployed or casual working being sick in America is a nightmare. Obama care is trying to change that but Donald Trump has done his best to dismantle it..

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