So pleased with myself.

I mentioned earlier that I have to dispose of some of my clothing, and items that are duplicates from Amazon sellers.

Already I have given clothes to Am Vets.  A girlfriend of mine saw the post, and asked if she could take a look at some of the smaller clothes, as it’s always good to share.  Something I worn a year ago, is something new to her.

Also our church thrift store is in need of anything that is in good condition.  I am working on boxes/bags of items for them.

I can’t wait to see space in my closet when it is completed.  Also moving some of the items in my second bedroom/office.  It is so cluttered right now.

By writing about what I am doing, means that it will get completed.  If it’s in my mind, and not where I am held accountable, I could procrastinate.


  1. Wonderful of you to do this. I just went through some of my stuff I wasn’t using and gave to my sisters, they were thrilled and it cleared up some space for me.

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