Already watched 2 Premier League games today, and both finished 4 – 3.

Spectrum had to come out, and change both our cable boxes yesterday, due to an update to the equipment that affected the whole country.  The technician phoned over the activation, and then left.

We always watch the first half of the 7.30 a.m. game in bed, as we have an adjustable bed and can sit up.  It came up to phone a 1-888 number to activate the television.  I can’t tell you how peed off we both were.  Turns out it only showed us having one cable box, so the second one was not working.  Finally done, and able to watch the rest of the first game, which was Wolverhampton Wanders against Leicester City.  Being 8th and 9th in the league table, we guessed it would be a tight game.  It certainly was as Wolves won in the 90th minute.

Then up to the gym to watch the Liverpool – Crystal Palace match.  Palace took the lead, and retained it until half time.  Then Liverpool scored 2, followed by another goal from Palace.  At 2 – 2 I was shouting for Palace to score again, but it was Liverpool that scored.  I so wanted another goal for Palace to draw the game, but Mane scored in the 90th minute.  I was turning away with a 4 – 2 lead, and in added time, Palace scored a 3rd.

Now it is Arsenal and Chelsea, and Arsenal is hubby’s team.  They have to win to go above Manchester United, as they won today, but I love all the London and southern teams, so are wanting Chelsea to do well too.  A draw won’t be good for either team, as they technically both loose 2 points.  On the edge of my seat right now 12 minutes into the game.  14th minute and Arsenal have just scored.

Arsenal won 2 – 0.


  1. Leicester-Wolverhampton was a crazy one. Though I’m left asking this: Why did the Wolverhampton manager get sent off for running onto the pitch today while Klopp didn’t get sent off when he ran even further onto the pitch? Hmmm…

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