Give your body what it needs. A massage.

I look forward to my monthly massage, and had one yesterday.  I try and stay with the stay masseur as they get to know your body, and what works for you.

So yesterday we were talking about exercise, health, and how much I do for my body.  She told me that she had learned some new stretching techniques, and I said ‘If you want someone to try it out on, I am in your hands’.

It was really good, because she worked on my legs, and then brought them out, and up behind me.  Held it for a count of 10, and lowered.  The second time they went much further.  She also worked hard on my feet, and I can certainly feel the benefits of a great all over massage.

She told me that I am doing everything right for my body, and couldn’t find the knots, that she has previously worked on.

I do use a long handled massager each day at home, and do stretching first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and before bed.  I really feel I am taking care of my body, and keeping it younger, than my old age.


  1. You are a great source of inspiration for self-care and looking after your body! I’ve always wanted to try a massage, especially for my shoulders (gets very painful there, ‘knotty’ as they would say) but I’ve never had one. Maybe that’ll have to go on my 2019 list! The long handled massager sounds like a good idea between massages 🙂
    Caz xx

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  2. I get a massage every two weeks.Here in Florida the therapist is much better than the one at home and she really gets in to all my knots and tight spots. I too stretch before I get out of bed and after gym workouts and before i get on my horse. He has to do stretches for carrots after he is ridden!🐴

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