Yes, you can exercise too much!

A few months ago I had major problems with my right knee.  I had to rest it for a month, so only did upper body.  Once the swelling started to go down, I gradually started to workout, but cut my Zumba, and dancing at the Eagles way down.

As my knee continued to improve I was back to Zumba 5 times a week, boxing 4 times, but still no rowing machine, or twisting the knee.

Since coming back from the beach, I have been constantly on the go.  Yes, I have been to the gym every morning, but sometimes only doing 30 or 40 minutes of the hour Zumba class.  I haven’t been doing the circuit training at all, so no lunges etc.

Well, my knee is well and truly swollen again.  Today I did Zumba pretty much using one leg.  I then dropped my husband home, and went to my 30 minute boxing session.  I told my trainer about my knee so didn’t do the 4 punches, and 2 squats at the end of each bout.  Came home, and picked up my husband, as he had to sign the checks for our timeshare.  From there we went to Aldi shopping, and I will write about my great bargain shop there.  I then dropped him off, and up to the pharmacy to pick up 2 prescriptions.

Came home, and hubby helped me put the food away. Then I cooked dinner. I am finally done, after 6 hours on the go.  I have my legs up on the recliner, and my knee on ice.  I am not doing anything else today.  20 minutes ice on, and 20 minutes off.

I promise I have learned my lesson.


  1. Yes too much is bad for you. I started to get so many injuries. A physio then told me it’s down to over exercising. His rule of thumb was when you get over 40, never do much more than between 30 to 50 minutes a day with at least one day a week doing nothing or maybe just a walk or stretches. Since then I’ve scaled back my exercises and have stopped picking up so many injuries

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  2. If only I would let myself. I feel it’s the only time of the day that is ‘Me time. I am always like a kid with a new toy when I am working out. Was good today. Only stretching and teaching boxing, which is easy on me. Almost 71 now, and still kickass.

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  3. My legs are mainly walking, Zumba, and dancing. I average 15,000 steps on a normal day. It’s been difficult to do full squats since this flared up the 1st time. At my age my knee won’t take running. 💃


  4. I use a Tony Little Gazelle almost daily and have learned to use knee guards and a support belt when walking on the machine. If I do not then my knees and back remind me again that they are there. I might get over enthusiastic during this non impact workout but the pain is still the same. Hope you knees feel better fast Susie.

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