$3.99 retail per pack, on sale $1.49

I mentioned yesterday that we went to Aldi food shopping.  I make curry every week, as it is an English tradition, and also the biggest take out in the U.K.  So halfway around I saw that the Naan bread was down from $3.99 to $3.49 for a pack of 4 Naans.  It did have a red sticker on it stating $2 off.  I thought this was too good to be true.

We went to the checkout, and when it came to the Naan, she typed in something, and it came up $1.49.  Often it is hard to find Naan in Pasco county, so I told my husband I am going back to see if any of the other packs have the sticker.

I came back with another 7 packs, and got back in line.  Once they were rung up, a message came up that the cash register was closed, and to contact a Manager.  I knew that they had to let me have them at that price, and the cashier said if too many discounts go in, the Manager has to override it.  The Manager did just that, and so I got $31.92 of Naan for $11.92, saving me $20.


I am pleased to say that it can be frozen, and I take out 1 or 2, when needed.  Just love saving $20 like that.  This is as well as the approximate 40% cheaper prices over other supermarkets.  Also by using my Discover card I get 5% back in rewards.  That’s what I call a great food shopping trip.


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