Bohemian Rhapsody is a hit with me.

We haven’t been to the cinema is probably 20 years.  My husband would much rather be home watching the television.  When I mentioned Bohemian Rhapsody he wasn’t interested at all, and I didn’t want to go on my own, or leave him.

The past 3 months I have been ordering from Amazon, and instead of getting my 2 day Prime delivery, I have been opting for a later date, and receiving a $1 prime digital credit.  My film just came out on video, and I had collected $20 in credits, so got it for free. Yet another $20 saving for me.

I started watching it on my laptop with earphones, as hubby had the television on.  I was around a third through it, when he said that he wanted to watch it.  So we got to see the whole film on the large smart television.

My favorite artist is Elvis, and group Queen.  I have to say that it was all I had imagined, and more.  The acting was superb, and Freddy’s life was similar to Elvis.  Lots of people around, but a lonely life.  I was extremely emotional throughout it, but loved every minute of it.  It is a movie that I will watch over, and over again.

If you like Queen’s music then this is a must for you.  I am hoping the Rami Malek gets an Oscar for his performance.

With all my Amazon deliveries, instead of a week that I chose, they still came within 3 days, so will always take the $1 credit.


  1. I enjoy Queen’s music too. I recently saw a romantic comedy called Love Birds, which features Queen’s music throughout the movie. At the end, the cast and crew sing Queen songs at the tops of their lungs while the credits play.

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