January is going out with a chill in Florida.

This has been one of the strangest Januarys in the 30 years I have lived here.  The January weather average is 70, so that’s why everyone flocks to Florida.

January started with 4 hot days, then 2 cold, 2 hot, 2 cold, an average one, 2 hot, 3 below average, an average one, and then 3 higher.

Today, and the rest of the month:

Today  High 59     Low 44

Sat                 62             47

Sun               58             45

Mon             63             46

Tues             66              40

Weds            57             43

Thurs           59             46

February doesn’t look much better.  The long term forecast puts it in the 60’s for 22 of the 28 days.

Global warming isn’t taking place here right now, just high electricity bills.  I am not complaining, but wish I was living in south Florida, rather than the Tampa area.  Now I am waiting for all the comments from people that live in the northern states, Canada, and Europe, etc.


  1. Not much warmer on South Beach, dear Susie! Instead of going boating on Sundays, we bundle up and watch the cats climbing under warm blanket. Still, we don’t have snowstorms in Florida, so we are still lucky!

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  2. Oh and here I am;) Full four months of warm wearher and now, just as we thought it couldn’t come cold and dirty this year, winter arrived. “-17 said” the thermometer this morning. “No way”, said our dog.

    Hot coffee and a least a pretty snowy landscape

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  3. I am in South Florida and it is cool here too. We have had blankets or stable sheets on the horses most nights. But the daytime temps are very comfortable for riding. And at home it is ….well COLD. So I’m happy to be here.

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  4. I know exactly what you mean, darling! I escaped from Philadelphia one snowy December morning and drove South, as far as the road would take me, and it took me to South Beach. I know it’s always a few degrees warmer here than in Tampa, but we are very close to the ocean, and the winds make it feel cooler.

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  5. Western Canada temps for the past three weeks in the minus 35 to 41 degree Celsius. Now that is cold. Ready to call the place New Siberia. Brrrr. Now that’s cold Susie. 🙂

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  6. you’re right. I’ve gone to Florida when it’s “chilly” in the winter and it sucks. That’s why we go there to vacation. I get enough cold weather here

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