Love, love, love my boxing.

I didn’t realize that my trainer was taking short videos of me working with his son.  We have been practicing for a couple of weeks now, so that he can be in the correct position when the jab, or punch comes.

This was right at the beginning of the session, and we were going really slow, to get the form right.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist


This is so much fun for me.  I just love my boxing so much.

To see the finished video you will have to go to my trainer’s Facebook page, and scroll down to yesterday.  I have tried everything, but as it has a copyright, I cannot embed it into this post.



  1. Oh I saw the vedio you posted. It’s very nice.

    I was never into boxing but then one day i injured my leg while running and I had started just 15 days before after a hiatus of 10 years when I was in college. The doctor told me to rest for 15 days but I did not want to go back so I bought a punching bag to work out and minimize leg movement. Today I can say I love boxing so much, though I still know very little but I am learning.

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