$1 bathroom tile cleaner test against a $13.97 one. Which one worked best?

I buy the Mold and Mildew Stain Remover from the Dollar Tree store, and use it after each shower.  My white bathroom tiles certainly don’t look 30+ years old.  I had a chance to get the Bathroom Magic Bathroom Cleaner at a discounted price, rather than the full price, so have been using it in my husband’s shower this past week.

This is the title of the Bathroom Magic on Amazon: A Natural Based Hardwater Stain Remover (22oz Spray) Professional Strength Cleaner Safely Removes Soap Scum Mineral Build-Up from Sinks, Tub, Shower Chrome, Granite by Chomp!

My $1 one does have the bleach smell, but I have my diffuser with essential oil running all day long.  The smell disappears quickly.

The Bathroom Magic is supposed to have a ‘grapefruit’ smell, but I really didn’t get it, just a less pungent smell.

My bathroom is still as clean as ever.  My husband’s shower didn’t come up any better than before.  Yes his did have a little build up on it, as I only clean it once a week.  He wipes it down in between.  Therefore I have to say that I recommend the $1 one.


The first one is mine, and the second one my husband’s bathroom.

There are 4 reviews on Amazon, 2 give it 5 stars, and 2 give it 1 star.  I go with the 1 star reviewers.  They don’t have anything to loose in being truthful.



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