Still working on trying to get my husband’s kidney medication since January17th.

I wrote a post about a prescription my husband’s nephrologist wanted him to take at a cost of $1,106.09 for a 30 day supply.  I still didn’t have an answer when writing that one.

Since then the nephrologist wrote a prescription for a generic drug that would bring down his potassium levels.  I put it into Walgreen’s drugstore.  It was on back order.  I have been phoning them every other day.  Still no joy.

So Friday I contacted the nephrologist’s office.  I was told to phone other pharmacies and see if they had it, and then it could be transferred.  So I tried C.V.S. and Wal-Mart just to name a couple, and they are all waiting on it for their patients.

The receptionist said that the doctor wouldn’t be in until Tuesday, and if I had a problem to call back.  Looks like I will be starting from scratch again tomorrow.

The problem is my husband’s kidneys can’t process the potassium, so it is left in the kidneys, doing even more damage.

If I could get passed the receptionist, and speak to the doctor he may be able to apply for help, with the brand new medication.  Who are we?  Just the little guys trying to do the best we can for our health.


  1. There is no rhyme or reason, for prescriptions to cost that much. Its obscene that the big pharmas are taking advantage of the people who need the drugs, at the expense of fattening the share holders bank accounts..

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  2. I am sorry you are going through this. So stressful and the cost for medication is crazy especially since it is such a necessity. My dad has total renal failure and is on dialysis. Also has a triple bypass scheduled for February 28th. Our health is our wealth. x

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  3. That’s terrible you’re stuck like that without medicine. What good is a prescription if the pills aren’t available anywhere 😦 I hope things change for the better for you and hubby soon!

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  4. What is the medicine? I can find out the maker for you. Also don’t discount what I said about the office manager. (if there is one) I am a nurse and still help people with these sort of problems. It is possible that the maker has not made enough and every place is out. So sorry you are going through this. It is hard to get a dr to call back about something like this. There may be nothing he can do since the medicine is not available.


  5. More natural, pharmaceutical access and resources, 2nd opinions and self-research is my mode… But,I know you’re on top of it, and that you will get the resolve and support that you need. Prayerful regards.💓

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  6. This may be a long shot, but again not. Find the actual pharmaceutical company, send them an email or call you’d be surprise how dealing directly with the pharmaceutical company is than dealing with the pharmacy filling the Rx

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  7. I talked with my pharmacist friend today. the medicine is listed as maker unable to get the raw materials to make the drug. There are two forms of it. Powder and suspension. The Walmart at this address had the suspension on the shelf but probably won’t be able to get more right away. They can ship to a Walmart near you. You can find our how much they have and see about getting whatever they have. They are allowed to ship to another walmart. If the Dr has written for the powder have the pharmacy call to have it changed to the suspension as that will be quicker. I may be that a pharmacy near you has suspension on the shelf also. I would get whatever you can as there is no idea how long it will be out. Hope this helps. Suzanne

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  8. That price is unreal, I couldn’t afford to pay that for a medication. I know Len needs it though. Good luck to you in getting it.

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