Pure Stevia Powder Extract Sweetener – by Mommy Knows Best

I am always looking for discounted products that I will use.  For years I would accept any. and all, but now realize that it is very time consuming to write reviews, just to give them away.

My husband has been diabetic for 45 years, and loves sweet things.  That means that dessert, and snacks have artificial sweeteners in them.

I had heard so many good things about Stevia, so bought this big 3 ounce jar to see if they were true.


First off I should never have stuck my finger in the fine powder to taste it.  It was awful.  Neither of us take sugar in our coffee so couldn’t check it out that way.

So next it went on hubby’s cereal, and in the cup cakes I make him.  To me it still had a taste, slightly bitter, but hubby loves to have anything baked, so was happy with it.

It states: ‘Zero Calorie Sugar Substitute – No Artificial Ingredients (1,500 Servings).

Most concentrated form of stevia extract powder available –
No Fillers, No Chemicals, No Added Ingredients – Just pure all natural stevia extract powder
The Perfect Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Alternative for Health Conscious Individuals
Convenient sugar to stevia conversion chart on packaging makes it easy to use for baking
Say NO to Artificial Sugar Substitutes – Choose our healthy, deliciously sweet stevia product Pure Stevia Powder Extract Sweetener – No Artificial Ingredients ‘.

I personally wouldn’t want to pay $16.95 for it, but if hubby really likes it, and it’s better for his health, I would consider it.  There are 2 small jars, but they work out much more expensive.



  1. Stevia is a bit expensive but so much better than those artificial sweeteners, and healthier than those other things too. I think the liquid is better though. Just my opinion.


  2. Stevia is one of those sugar substitutes that leaves a bad aftertaste. If you mix in a bit of another artificial sweetener, they counteract each other’s bitterness and won’t leave the aftertaste. I had to research this because I have to use a protein drink mix for my new diet. It has artificial sweetener in it that I hated bc of the aftertaste, so I researched how to get rid of it and that is what I found online. I hope that this is helpful.

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