My boxing trainer loves me.

Well he loves that I am on all the groups, and have sellers contact me, as I try to get as many health, and fitness products.  The last three I got, two are going to him.

  1. All Natural Caffeine Powder – Energy Drink Mix with Very Little Sugar and Calories, Give Your Resolution the Boost with this Fantastic Vegan, Non-GMO, Pre Workout On The Go Natural Caffeine Supplement
  2. Keto Friendly Electrolyte Supplement Tablets: Hydration Pills to Replenish Electrolytes – 120 Caps by Ketolabs
  3. Lightning Boost Pre-Workout by Spier Nutrition

I can’t take caffeine as it tales calcium out of my bones, and it took 18 years to reverse osteoporosis.  So he is getting it, as he always has a coffee in his hands.

He is on a Keto diet so he will be very happy to get the second product.

The pre-workout I will keep for myself.  I will only use a quarter of the suggested amount daily as it does have caffeine in it.  At 110 lbs. taking a whole scoop would be too much for me anyway.

Thank you Elite Deal Club for these great discounted products.


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