Update on my husband’s kidney medication, or lack of it.

No call back from the doctor’s office yesterday, so first thing this morning, I phoned again.  I was told they were working on it, and that I would get a call back by 3 p.m.  If I hadn’t received one, then to phone them back again.

I got a phone call around 12.40 p.m. to say that there are only the 2 medications, one too expensive, and the other one on backlog at all the pharmacies I tried.  The doctor had said to apply for a 30 day sample of the $1,106.09 one.  They had filled in part of it, but they needed our gross Income Tax amount for last year.

I asked if I could come down with the tax return, as I was going to boxing at 3 p.m., and this is just around the corner from there.  No, my husband had to come with me, as they needed his signature.

I drove down shortly after the phone call, and I told my husband the figure to enter on the form. He dated, and signed it, and we were done.  I asked if the manufacturer would continue with the medication after the 30 day supply.  She said ‘No’, and hopefully the other one will be in stock by then.  I have to control my husband’s potassium intake, which I have done for years, and hopefully one or other of these medications will arrive in the near future.

I will write a post when we get either one.  I know that we will qualify for the expensive one, as a year of the meds would take half of our yearly income.


  1. Sometimes pharmaceutical companies have drug discount programs, which doctors may not know about. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer directly? Good luck!

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  2. We wish you will get both the 30 day supply and the regular one. As someone indicated, sometimes manufacturers have discount programs. I am so frustrated to know that such important meds can be out of stock. I hope this is only temporary.

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