Are banks complacent.

We have been with the same bank for 30 years.  The name has changed several times, but we still have our original account.  From time to time we will take funds out of our money market account, if we can get a bonus from another bank for a big deposit, and keep it in for 3 or 6 months.

The only bank that is giving me a reasonable interest is an Online one, Capital One.

So I got a letter from my bank, saying that their investment side were offering anywhere from $150 to $900 if you enroll with one of the amounts quoted.

We did this around 5 years ago, and just put the money in a C.D., and got the bonus.  I said to my husband ‘Let’s make an appointment, and do it again’

So today we drove there, and met with a financial person.  The long and the short of it is, that they don’t do it with funds that are already with the bank.

I said that you have had our account for 30 years, pensions coming in from England every month, and you are not willing to work with us.  She emailed a manager, and we haven’t heard anything yet, but I don’t expect to get a response from them.

I did say that if we don’t get it, that I am going to put the bulk of the money over to the online money market account.  I have 5 times more money in their bank, and get $2 interest a month.  The online one I get $25 a month.  They will be the losers.

It doesn’t pay to be loyal.


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