English roast dinner, and sugar free cup cakes.

After watching 2 football games, and halfway through the 3rd one, I plan on cooking, and baking this afternoon.

It will be roast chicken, stuffing/dressing, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, 7 vegetables, and OXO gravy.


Then as a treat for my husband I will make either 12 large chocolate cupcakes, or 24 small ones.  I figure while I have the big oven on, I might as well fill it up.  I tend to use the toaster oven for when it is only 1 item.

Our electric company send us emails all the time, suggesting ways to conserve energy, and many times it’s just common sense.

Do you try and save energy?  If so can you share them with us?


  1. We keep the washer and dryer unplugged when not in use. The electric company recommended this to reduce our bills, and the local fire company said it protects these large appliances from power surges.

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