2 great days of boxing.

Tuesday I got to work with a new trainer, and unfortunately didn’t take any video or photos of it.  Not only did we do boxing, but open hand self defense.  I couldn’t do kick boxing, because of my right knee, but was able to use my arms.  I just loved it, and she was so patient with me.

Then yesterday hubby came with me to boxing with my trainer.  He took a little video at the end of a session, where we were finishing up with 4 punches, and 2 squats.  It’s not the best of video as my husband didn’t switch it off before walking away.

They were 2 totally different sessions, but that is what makes it so great.  Even though I will be 71 on Valentine’s day, every day of my life is a learning day, and when it comes to any form of working out, I will take it.


Thank you Load More Plate for the exhausting workouts that you put me through.  I am stronger, and fitter, because of you.


Also Wednesday morning I was doing basic boxing training with my 2 ladies that I teach.


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