No anxiety.

It’s 3 months since my last blood work, and I am ecstatic that it didn’t phase me.

Both my husband and I had a 9 a.m. appointment. The lady knows that I have to have mine taken immediately.

We went into a room, the bed was ready for me, I got on. She cleansed the area, gave me the squishy ball to squeeze, and tied the band around my arm. The slightest prick, and I was done.

I didn’t shake or have to do deep breathing, because it was over so quick. I was able to get up immediately.

Hubby went into her room for his. We were both out at 9.05. I was able to drive immediately.

I have her trained so well, which makes it easier for both of us.


  1. A very brave moment, it is good she knows you and caters for you. I have bloods take every month, been a little more this month. I don’t mind it but I know people suffer so much. Proud of you. Keep smiling.

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  2. That is great! I also have such a hard time with both blood work and needles in general – yesterday I got an immunization and I was okay! I didn’t feel faint and my anxiety was under control. It’s always nice when you have experiences like that.

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