Girls birthday lunch.

My best friend is English like me, and for our birthdays, we take each other out to lunch.  So it was Chilis, and I went straight for Jen’s tables.  She always waits on hubby and I, and our drinks are ready, the order is put in for us, and she is one of the best servers I know.

My girlfriend ordered margaritas for us.  As I am a member of their club, we had free chips and salsa.  Our meal came with an appetizer to share, which was Texas cheese fries, and for the main course we both had chicken fajitas.

I also had a free birthday dessert, so my girlfriend chose the Paradise Pie, as neither of us had tried it before.  Finally it came with dessert to share, so out came a large slice of cheesecake.

Needless to say my girlfriend took home chips and salsa, which were


fresh and packaged for her, and most of her dinner.  I took home most of my dinner, and the cheesecake.

It was lovely for 2 friends to be able to share this relaxing time together, to eat, drink, and laugh.  An amazing time for both of us.


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