Changed mobile phone carriers, and had to buy a new phone.

I had been with Metro PC for years, and always bought my phones upfront.  However, because it’s only me, one line, they just wouldn’t work with me on price.

When I saw the Spectrum offer on the television to buy by the gb. I contacted them, as we have home phone, television, and Internet through them.

Of course I had to buy a phone, which I hadn’t planned on doing, but my Samsung Galaxy J7 is a 2015 model, so carried on listening.

I would get the phone, and pay $25 a month for it over 2 years, interest free, and also $14 a gb.  That totaled $39, and I was paying $40 for Metro just for service.

I did have to pay $10 activation fee as I am a Spectrum customer, instead of the $30, and the taxes on the phone.  With the first month’s phone and 1 gig it came to under $100.  It was my birthday so I went for it.

I have the Samsung Galaxy S9 with 4 times the capacity of my old one.  I kept getting low on space, and had to delete stuff.

I am learning about it, but am pleased with it so far.  It is much faster, and has so many short cuts that I love.

Having to set it up with Spectrum, and not in a bricks and mortar store, took several hours of my time over the first couple of days.  I am sure I will be contacting them


whenever I want to do something new.

Will write a review about it soon, and also the case I bought.  I do believe I wrote one awhile ago, when I got a S9 protector sent me.


  1. You are blessed! I’m on a family plan with Verizon and have to stay with them since they are the only carrier that works in the boonies where we live. Our bill is outrageous!!!

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