My credit card could be compromised.

That is really what I wanted to hear.  I came in today, and in the mail is a new credit card, to replace the card I use with my bank.  It is the one that I have most of my bills paid on.

Of course I have a new number, so now I have to go through my statement online, and see which utilities, and other companies have this card.  I do use other cards for certain things.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased that they found it, and did something about it, but when you have little time.  I need to do some much stuff, taking my husband to the foot doctor today, phoning his nephrologist that hasn’t got back to me, making appointments for my mammogram, and bone density test to name a few.  The last thing I want is extra work.

This is the day, and age we live in.  Stress, and anxiety probably are part of it for all of us.


  1. That happened to me twice. Once with Chase and once with TD Bank. Both banks alerted me that someone was making purchases using my card number yet my bank card never left my wallet. The Banks replaced my money but of course they had to freeze my card account. Of course I had to eventually go to the banks in person. Everything was eventually cleared up but what an inconvenience! No matter how much the banks improve their Security the crooks are a step ahead.

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