100% improvement on yesterday.

My trainer videoed how you shouldn’t do this exercise yesterday.  First time I had done it.  Today I went to my local gym, and grabbed a band, and a kettlebell.  I didn’t take the 10lb, and didn’t want to start with the 18lb, so used a size in between.  Unfortunately the weight has worn off of it.

The video shows my first attempt today, without any pressure on me, as I could have done as many retakes as I wanted.  I propped my phone against the wall, so you can see me from the legs down.  Not my smiling face.

Off for another boxing session in 30 minutes, and dancing tonight.  Also have to fit in running errands, food shopping, and having a free birthday meal at IHOP.



  1. Excellent! Just wanted to share this great inspirational exercise video. I jumped on the Fitbit craze early last month January. Not to lose weight but to stay fit and flexible. My 60th Birthday is February 27th. I don’t have an actual Fitbit but my Samsung Galaxy cellphone has a Samsung Fitness app that does the same thing. The goal is 6000 steps per day. Aside from from those freezing temperatures, icy, Snowy, sleet filled days I normally not only make the 6000 steps but I exceed that amount. Really good days I’ve surpassed 10,000 steps. Anyway a childhood friend sent me the below video.

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