Why does Medicare/Medicaid want to put the elderly in nursing homes, when A.L.F.’s are almost half the price?

Today I was watching the Newcastle – Huddersfield game at the gym, while on the upside down Bosu ball, and lifting weights.  One of the ladies I always say ‘Hello’ to, was on a treadmill close to me.

We started talking, and got onto the subject of caregiving.  Her mother is 97 and in an A.L.F., but the daughter is concerned, because her mother is having to pay with her life savings to stay there.  She has to spend down to $2,000 before Medicare/Medicaid kicks in.

Her mother knows where she is in the A.L.F., and it is going to be so hard to have to move her to a nursing home.  A.L.F.’s are cheaper than nursing homes, so doesn’t it seem realistic to keep her where she is, and pay the $3,000 a month, instead of $5,000 – $6,000 for a nursing home.  I don’t understand why the government, or powers that be, wouldn’t want to save money, and keep our elderly people in a more open environment.

Anyone else had to deal with this?

Photo: Pixabay.


  1. Good question. Maybe it’s the same rational that Medicare becomes primary once eligible. Backwards thinking in my opinion. If one have had private insurance before they eligible for Medicare one would expect Medicare would becomes supplemental but the opposite is true.

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  2. I don’t know. I do know that at A.L.F.’s the rate goes up as the need for services does. Every elderly person should have a Patient Advocate that can sort these things out and get to the bottom of the problem.

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  3. I haven’t had to deal with it personally but I do know from friends that the Nursing Homes take all that you own, so it’s certainly not a good deal for the elderly. That is why a lot of older people take their homes and put them in the names of their children so the government can’t take them away to pay for care.

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