Solar Powerbank – Portable 10,000mah Charger – Best Waterproof Solar Charger for Phones, USB Devices, Tablets & MP3 Players – for Indoor & Outdoor Use – Compass inc

In 2017 when Hurricane Irma came through our area, we were in a shelter at a school.  As soon as it had passed we came home to no power.  I so wanted to use my smartphone, but needed the battery, as we had no idea how long it would be off.

If only I had had the Flynn Tech Solar Powerbank then.  We live in the sunshine state, and once a hurricane has gone through, the sun will come back.  I could have put this outside, and charged it up, ready to keep my phone charged.


The instructions are very simple, you can charge it in the sun, or with the cable it comes with.  Then once it is charged you can lay the charger, and the phone/headphones,MP3 player etc. next to it, and put the USB cable into the charger, and the other end into your phone or whatever you are charging.  It shows the amount of charge it has on your phone.

I am really loving it as an emergency charger for me, but this would be great for anyone that does camping, or anything that takes them away from electricity.  It is waterproof too, so not to worry if it gets wet.

It is also a flashlight, and comes with a compass keychain.

I did get this at a discount, and the seller doesn’t even know that I am writing a review.  However, I just couldn’t keep it to myself.


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