Today’s workout.

Wednesday always starts at 10 a.m. when I do my volunteering basic boxing.  My lovely lady, who has been with me for months,  is progressing really well.  She is getting her speed up, and her stamina is certainly increasing.  I know I, and her family are proud of her.  At the end of the session I showed her a little self defense, as no attacker would expect a little lady to be able to pull them in, and knee them.


I then worked on my own for 45 minutes, and then we ran an errand.  After that I drove home, had a quick protein bar, and off to my boxing session, with my trainer.  Today was so busy for him, that we packed 3 rounds, into half the timeframe.  If other times were fast, and furious, then this one was crazy.  Each time I was trying to catch my breath, which I love.  He wanted to give me 30 minutes tomorrow to make up for it, and as I am already working with his son, we have added another 15 minutes.  I don’t think this old bird would make it through an hour without collapsing.

The weather was changing when I left, and dark clouds were coming up, so I drove home via a park I love.  It has hills, so I got out of the car, and made up the other 15 minutes walking.  So glad I did as it is raining again.

How’s your day going?  Hope it’s as good as mine.


  1. Wow that sounds like a busy day ! I know that all too well but I’m glad it’s a good busy for you . I walk a lot and go to the gym . It helps relieve stress and honestly just improves your mood so much . Great post ! Keep inspiring

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