2 massive heart attacks, and quintuple bypass surgery in 1994, and my husband is still going strong.

Back it 1994 he went on insulin for his diabetes.  Since then he is only taking a quarter of the amount of insulin.  This is due mainly to diet.  He went on heart, kidney, high blood pressure, and cholesterol medications at this point.

With various complications, surgeries, and a pacemaker/defibrillator my husband has gone on numerous pills, and now a powder for kidney failure.


He also takes over the counter supplements, that his doctors have recommended.  Yes, it takes us around an hour a week to do his med planner.

The good news is that many have been cut by half, or a lower dosage, because of his diet.  He has also discontinued a couple.

With him only doing minimal exercise due to neuropathy of the feet, I know it is necessary, and thank the Lord that we have these medications to keep him alive.  He is 85, and there have been many times in his life, when he could have died.  I am so thankful that we live in America where we get regular checks.


  1. I truly believe that a lot of people either don’t believe there’s a connection between health and nutrition, or they don’t realize how strong is it. And that even light activity is great for you and can go a long way. Thankfully your husband changed his diet and is active – kudos to you both! 🙂

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  2. Isn’t it amazing that meds can be decreased or ousted from daily life by eating and living more like the way we should have all along?! It’s saddening there will be times we can’t avoid medication. I’ve nearly cut sugar from my diet, eat once or twice a day with fruits and veggies, but the breads, pastas and processed cheeses are a problem for me. I’m glad his diet is helping. May he keep going strong along with you!

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  3. Being born just after the war in England, we lived on what Dad grew. I was taught plain English cooking, and have never got into the American diet, even after 31 years.


  4. The American diet is delicious, but the amounts of chemicals and sugars in nearly everything is astounding! The cookware can be toxic too! It’s nuts. The simple, plain foods are the best & healthy spices give things the kick they need. I suppose your cooking could help me to be a good kick boxer too 🙂

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