Are condo associations a good thing, as they choose the contractors.

We love our semi-detached bungalow, as we would call it in England.  When we moved in 3 years ago, we knew that a drainage system had been put in place, so no water would come into our property as it is on a slope.  We saw this being done, as we have lived in the development for 19 years.

Tonight when I went to the back garden, I walked up to the fence with jasmine trailing on it.  I have been going crazy for 2 years, getting the jasmine to grow on this fence, after the condo association put them in for us.  However, every time they were growing nicely, the grass would be cut, and the weedwhacker would slice just above the roots.  I continually complained about this, so we had yellow tape up.  They sliced through that too.

Tonight I was checking the area, and where we have jasmine, there is a drainage pipe that goes underground.  They have sliced that too.

I will be down at the clubhouse on Monday morning with the video I have placed here, and photos.  The landscaping company they employ are totally responsible for this.  I have to get it sorted out before our rainy season begins.

We are not allowed to speak to the crew, and many do not understand the English language.

My husband was Vice President of the Condo Association for 10 years, and came off a few years ago.



  1. Associations are “a mixed blessing”. I like the fact that our next door neighbors would probably be stopped if they wanted to paint their house bright purple with polkadots. But associations can introduce annoying restrictions sometimes. I didn’t know the part about condo associations picking the contractors. That didn’t work out to well in this case! Sorry to see the damage =

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