My thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S9

When I changed phone carriers I had to purchase a new phone.  So my Galaxy J7 is now for standby, and I am using the Samsung Galaxy S9.

I am not technical at all, but I do like this smaller phone.  With the rounded edges it looks, and feels superior.  Putting a protector on it was easier than my other phones.

When switching on, I use a code, and then after that a fingerprint.  This is a great feature.  Also Samsung have a neat health app, and I can check my heart rate, oxygen, and stress level, again using my finger on the sensor.

IP68-Water resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, which makes it a much safer phone for me.  Don’t have to worry that it may drop in water.

The camera is far superior to my other phone, and a lot more features for my photos.

The home page has an Apps edge, and all my important apps will come up if I swipe the right edge to the middle.  Swiping to the left gives me Bixby, which is like having my own P.A.

Instead of my 16 gb with the old phone, I have 64, which means I have plenty of storage space.

I can remove the ‘blue light’ of the screen myself, and then it will do it automatically, allowing me to use it right up until bedtime.

I am paying for mine monthly with my phone carrier, but have put a link to one on Amazon, so that you can read the technical stuff.

I am still learning, but wanted to let you know how much I am loving it.  I will probably write another one, when I have more to write about.


  1. It looks cool! I’ve gone from a Galaxy S5 to a Galaxy S7 and I have to say I love them! They seem indestructible to many drops I’ve accidentally put them through and the S7 is really fast 🙂 I’m glad you’re liking the S9 as that will most likely be nezt upgrade in the future.

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  2. Phones are really expensive these days! I have an IPhone 7 and plan to keep using it until it becomes too obsolete to use. I have a mobile phone company that charges so much just to use a phone that I don’t want to add charges to buy a new one. My sister has a Galaxy and really likes it.

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