Zumba toning ending up being regular Zumba today

I am not complaining, because it’s better to get a substitute, and still do Zumba.  The young lady was very good, and I was pleased with her routines.

After the class I mentioned Zumba Toning, and she has never done it.  I was telling her that with the warm up, and cool down, she only needs a few tunes to work with.  She could do 2 dances with weights, and then 2 or 3 without.  Then repeat it.

She thought it was a great idea, and would then be able to offer it too.

After the hour class, I ended up doing 30 minutes with weights, as there is no way I couldn’t do them.

Do you do classes, and so look forward to them, only to find that it has changed?



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