Taking over mine, and my husband’s medications.

I have been frustrated for months with the pharmacy, and my doctor’s office.  They just don’t work together, and I honestly have no idea which one is at fault, or it could be both of them.

So I made the decision to take all our meds off auto fill, and do them myself.  This sounds easy, but our G.P., and my husband’s specialists will sometimes give a 30 day supply, other times 90 days.  Then some have no refills, and others have 1, 2 or 3.

I asked the pharmacy to print a 3 month history for both of us.  They did mine, but my husband, or his driver’s license was needed for his, so 2 trips.

Then I went through the 3 pages for my husband, I knew mine, and dated when the next ones will be due.  I will phone the doctor’s office 72 hours before we need any without refills, and praying that this will work for us.

As the saying goes, ‘If you want a job done properly, do it yourself’.


  1. It’s a big job but it can be worth it. One time my Aunt was apparently having TIA’s (mini-strokes). The problem was traced to her being on two different blood pressure meds from two different docs, that was driving her blood pressure too low. The left hand doesn’t always know what the right is doing

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  2. When my mom was hospitalized, she saw a psychiatrist for the behavior and mood issues she was having at the time. He was a genius at medication interactions, took her off meds, adjusted another one. She was like a different person. You can try to find someone who can do the same. I work at a hospital and my outpatient pharmacist is amazing.

    Maybe contact the outpatient pharmacy at your hospital and see if they can help.

    Most physician offices have added to their phone recording, if you need a prescription refill, have your pharmacy contact us. They are no longer taking calls from patients for med refills. Check with your physician offices to see their process. Good luck.

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