We watched 3 Premier League Football Matches today.

I am happy to say that we get to see another 3 matches tomorrow.

If there is an early game, like today, we always watch the first half in bed.  I quickly make myself a mug of coffee, and then raise the bed to a more upright position.

Crystal Palace, and Brighton & Hove Albion were in similar positions in the standing, so I was expecting a draw.  To my surprise Brighton won 2 – 1, and have the same points as Palace.  However, Crystal Palace have a better goal difference so they are one spot above them.

We were at the gym for the second game.  Hubby on a sofa, having coffee, in the social room, and I was in my usual place.  Upside down Bosu ball, and weights.  Again it was a result we weren’t expecting.  Southampton who are near the bottom of the league beat Spurs 2 – 1.  Tottenham Hotspur are still in 3rd place, but Manchester United are only 3 points from catching them.

We drove home in time for the Manchester City and Watford game.  With Manchester City being the leaders, we guessed it would be a walk over.  In the first half Watford were a match for City, and they went into halftime drawing 0 – 0.

Within seconds of the second half starting City scored, and the flag went up for offside.  The commentators agreed that it was disallowed, but the referee overturned it, and gave the goal.  That turned the match as Manchester City beat Watford 3 – 1.

I really think that wrong call messed up Watford, as the second goal followed within 4 minutes.  This ‘allowed’ goal could help them win the Premier League.

Thank goodness I am not a referee.


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