Clocks sprang forward, and it didn’t screw me up today.

Every year, on the night that the clocks spring forward, we go to bed 30 minutes early.  We may not fall asleep immediately but are resting.  I then set the alarm for 8 a.m., so we wake up at our normal time.

Yes, we did stay in bed to watch the first half of the football this morning, but that is usual, when an early game is being played in England.

They were saying on the television that there are 25% more heart attacks each year, on this particular night.  I really don’t understand the reason for this.  It is much harder when you are travelling to another country, or back home.  Yes, the jetlag used to do a number on me, but that is 5 hours, and it has to be done immediately when you are staying with family.

How did the time change affect you, if you live in the states.  England is the end of the month.



  1. We did fine! Set the clocks ahead in the evening and went to bed a bit early. The attendance at church was a bit sketchy today! I imagine it was hard to get the little ones up an hour early!

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  2. We do the clock changing thing here in Canada too. I’m honestly a mess and I hate it. My internal clock is all messed up and I need more coffee, haha. Work should be fun tomorrow…

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  3. We did ok despite forgetting about it. Fortunately we didn’t have any appointments today. I was sitting at my computer and suddenly noticed the clock. Huh? How can it be 11:50 already where’d the morning go? So I was scurrying around getting ready for lunch and I few minutes later looked at my watch. Wait it says 11 not 12! That’s when the lightbulb finally lit up

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