Ground beef, minced meat, or hamburger?

I was in a local supermarket today, and saw that they had ground beef half price.  It was on sale, and not clearance, so the color was good.  I bought this along with a few other items, and then went to the checkout.

The cashier put my items in one bag, and then the raw meat in the other one.  I took the first lot of food, and put it in my cart, but couldn’t reach the second one.

The gentleman behind me said, “Don’t forget your hamburger”.  I thanked him, and the cashier handed me the bag.

In England we always called it minced meat, as it had been minced in a grinder.  Here in the states I have learned to say ground beef, but hamburger?  Yes, hamburgers are made from it, but I am not a lover, and use mine for Shepherd’s pie.

I would be very interested to hear from my friends, as to what you call it, and where you live.  Thanks in advance for your comments.


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