Mammogram time, so heading for the crushing machine.

Up until age 65 I had a mammogram every year.  That was a good thing, as I had a lump removed from my right breast around 15 years ago.  I now go every 2 years, but do self exams, and have my female G.P. do an annual check for me.

Because of the lump, instead of 4 times in the machine, I am lucky enough to be crushed 8 times.  This is much better than having to go a second time, which did happen in the past.

After that I have my bone density test, which I am very happy to have done.  This is just laying still on a bed, while the technician takes the scans.  Hoping it is just as good as 2 years ago, as I love that I reversed osteoporosis.

Ladies, no you get your regular checks?

Photo: Pixabay.


  1. Dear Susie, I have to admit that I do not go for mammograms. You are perfect in terms of your health and wellness, but I have confused every doctor with my total denial. They all think it’s because of the “crushing machine,”but it isn’t. It’s because I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, and I have the right to make decisions.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to say it!

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  2. I’m due for a mammogram but I have put it on hold while I dealt with issues leading to my surgery on Wednesday. Once I recover, I will do my regular things like a mammogram.

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  3. Thank you, darling, but I am usually not that personal, if you have noticed reading my posts. I am a cancer survivor twice, and I just want to enjoy life without thinking of anything that might go wrong in there.

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  4. My mother goes for hers, she calls it the ‘boob squasher’. She’s also due her bone density scan soon (also osteoporosis), it’s wonderful you’ve been able to reverse yours! I need to go for mine at some point, I’m not sure when, as I have osteopenia. I really do hope you get good news with all your results.xxxx

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  5. I just started my blog recently as a result of my first osteoporosis-related bone fracture. I’m so sad I didn’t believe my scans that said I had osteoporosis. It’s a silent disease and I thought I was too young (65). Good for you for taking good care of you!

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  6. I must admit that I have not had a breast exam or pap test in years. Both exams make me nervous and aggravate my anxiety.
    Being flatchested makes mammograms a form of torture for me. The technician is always yelling for me to move forward and lean in. Which doesn’t work so they never get a good picture. Sometimes they claim to find something only to be mistaken.

    Actually for my job I will attend a Breast cancer event. Searching for resources for our clients. I will let you know if there’s any crushing devices at the event.

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