2 and a half hours on the phone to Spectrum last night.

My girlfriend tried to phone me twice last night, and then left a text to say that my phone went to voicemail.  I couldn’t retrieve any voicemails, and tried everything I could think of.  So I phoned Spectrum.  The first person asked me to hold after I explained what was going on, and then put me onto another office.

This lady had me try a dozen or more things, and finally got my voicemail working, but in doing this my phone had no WIFI, or Bluetooth.  I hadn’t realized until after the phone call was finished.

I went to log in with the password that is on the back of the modem.  It said ‘error authenticity’.  I switched off my phone, to reboot it, and again couldn’t get in.  I phoned Spectrum back, and the person said that it was the mobile side, and not the Internet, so transferred me.

This lady had be go into lots of different settings, then I had to take the sim card out, and each time I did what she suggested, and tried my password, it brought up another copy of the line, with the same error.

She told me that I would either have to factory reset it, or go to a Spectrum mobile store, and the nearest ones were around 20 miles away.  She gave me details of both, but I told her that I didn’t want to do that, as I wouldn’t be home for them to see the login error for our own personal WIFI.

She finally got me back to another Spectrum department, and I explained everything, and he said that with a phone being 5 weeks old, it had to be something to do with the system, and suggested to have a technician come to our home.  I then got transferred to someone that could do that.

The good news was, that they had an opening for 11 to noon today.

The guy was early, and so efficient.  He checked out everything, went outside, and in the loft area.  Worked on my phone as he had never seen this problem before, where it made other WIFI links to the same network.  In the end he got it working for me.  He even checked my husband’s laptop, and phone for him too.

This is the first employee that went beyond what was asked of him.  That is the reason you got a one  line post this morning.


  1. Awesome!The last bit did it for me,relates to my blog post called “FOR THE LOVE OF WARMTH:sketches of an attendant.” Check it out when you get time.

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