Paying less for cable, but still able to get channels on my laptop, and phone that I can’t get on the television.

I wrote about a year ago when Spectrum upped our cable prices by $40 a month.  That is when we cut down from hundreds of channels to a couple of hundred.

The Premier League Football is always available to us on the channels that we have, however the EC Qualification games are on 105, in English, and when that fails 1166 in Spanish.

Yesterday we got to see England win 5 – 0 on our phones, and laptops in English.  Today we had Georgia 0 – 2 Switzerland this morning.  Coming up at 1 p.m. eastern time we have Sweden – Romania, and at 3.45 Spain – Norway in Spanish.

It doesn’t matter that we don’t understand the commentary, as we know the game so well.  Football is a huge part of our lives.



  1. Well I’m not complaining but just go and search about ridiculous prices of dstv and how it keeps going up on monthly bases and the worst thing is whenever the weather is little bit disruptive there goes the signal not that I blame dstv specific but all I am saying is that it would be nice if such issues are looked into by the company but besides that dstv is the best and sometimes they do offer free channels which is nice hey!

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