My husband’s defibrillator works!!

Hubby has mini heart attacks often, and a nitro under the tongue works almost immediately.

He has had a pacemaker/defibrillator for a few years now, and we almost forget it is there.

Monday, just before bedtime he got up from his chair, and started walking.  He held his chest, and collapsed on the floor.  He wanted to get up straight away, and I made him rest, and then crawl to the chair.  From here he sat down.

I asked him what had happened.  He said that he got a pain in the chest/left arm, and didn’t know why he went down.  We came to the conclusion that he had, had a heart attack, and that the defibrillator kicked in.  Literally.  I have been told that it can actually move a person.

The pain stopped almost immediately, and he felt fine.  I read the instructions, and if it occurred again in the next 24 hours, then I would take him to the E.R.  This is why I didn’t write about it earlier, as he has been fine.

I wanted to let anyone know that defibrillators really do work, and if you have a weak heart, ask about having one.  It is a life saver.


  1. Oh dear, how frightening! I’m glad he was at home and you there for him. Wonderful to know defib’s really do work. That’s got to be a great comfort. Take care, both of you!💐💐💐

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