Increasing my workouts, but still protecting my right knee.

I had really cut back on my exercise routines, but it was killing me.  So I have been doing a little more.  I do not use any leg machines, and haven’t done since my right knee swelled up.

I have done 2, 35 minute Zumba routines this week, instead of an hour.  Then today was Zumba Toning, which I really love.  I actually completed the whole session.  I had a brace on my right knee, and kept it straight, just going forward, back, and side to side.  I got a great upper body workout with the 3lb. weights

Wednesday I had a cracking boxing session, and am delighted with the results.  Yesterday was my 6th Muay Thai Kickboxing session, and my trainer was amazed at the force of my uppercuts.  I do get frustrated that I tire, but he told me that we had been doing 10 minutes without a break.  Yes, this 71 year old is proud of herself.  I have started to do light kicks with my right leg, and just bringing the knee up to the pad.

Other times I have been stretching, hand weights, machines for upper body, and core.  I am also enjoying putting the kettlebell through a band, circling it, and standing on one leg.  Everyday I balance on the upside down Bosu ball, while dancing, to cool down.

I get asked all the time why I look forward to the gym, and say it is fun.  I think I have just answered this question.

We also go dancing twice a week, in the evenings.


  1. It’s cool that you making progress but don’t be hard on yourself because it takes time for a knee to completely heal if you don’t take it slow you might delay the healing process anyway big up to you on hitting the gym hopefully soon I will too.

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