Saint Mary’s Church, Warwick, England.

I was checking some old photos on my phone, and found these beautiful photos of the inside of St. Mary’s Church.  I am totally amazed that it isn’t a cathedral, as it is so beautiful.

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St. Mary’s was founded on this site in 1123, by the Earl of Warwick, but I am not going into the history of it, as you can find it on dozens of websites.

I wanted to tell you something that you probably wouldn’t find, or know, and that is about the crypt.  About 10 tens years ago, hubby and I went down into it.  It is a tea/coffee shop.  There are tables and chairs down there.  You even get a couple of English biscuits with your drink.

You are surrounded by the flagstones, that are dated 100 a.d., 500 a.d., or similar dates.  Yes, it was cold, and damp sitting there, but what an experience.

I would love to know if anyone has been there recently, and whether it is still there.  I would assume it would be, as it was full of tourists.

Warwick Castle is only a short walking distance from it, and Stratford-Upon-Avon, about a 10 mile drive.,_Warwick


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