My heart is still pounding….

The temperature today is around 80 degrees. which is perfect for me to sit in the shade.  I have to admit that I am so used to the Florida weather, so have leggings, a top, and a fleece shirt on.

We were both out on the patio, and my husband had fallen asleep on the sunny side.  I caught a glimpse of something behind me, in the reflection of my glasses.  It was a snake.  I can’t remember what I shouted, but it woke my husband up.  He missed it slithering behind me, to the side of me, and then lifting his head up towards him, before doing a 45 degree turn, up through the grass, and out under the fence.

My heart is still pounding, as I have this phobia about snakes.  I don’t even like to see them on the television.  We have lived in this house 3 years now, and that’s the first one that I have seen.  He wasn’t too wide, but he sure was long.

My neighbors say that most are garden snakes, and that they are good, as they eat all the bugs.  I think I would rather use bug spray.

I obviously didn’t take a photo, and went on to Pixabay for a non real snake picture.


  1. If the markings are red and black he’s a “friend to Jack” if black and yellow he may “kill a fellow.” That is what I have been told about Florida snakes. I have seen several all black ones and they seem harmless .

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  2. Your snake picture is at least cute😂 I deplore snakes. Last summer I about had a heart attack discovering one snake that returned every day to my garden. Then I realized all my gross slugs and snails had disappeared— he’d been eating them! Now I keep hoping he’ll return this year . 😅

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  3. Thank God both grandpa and grandma were not beating by the snake! Snakes have no positive effect to me. It’s better the bugs are killed with the spray, and let the (your) garden be free of snakes.

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