Gym open yesterday, closed down today.

Yes, you read that right.  We go to the gym 7 days a week, and must admit it wasn’t running smoothly yesterday, but no one said anything to us.  They were out of creamer, and we were told it would be there on Monday.  A young women was talking to the lad behind the counter, she was sitting on the counter, even put her feet on it, and straddled it.  Then the change of shifts, and the young girl changed the music to rapping, with the F word, women being called bitches, and saying parts of the body.  Not nice, so I asked for it to be changed.  I got a stupid grin, and she changed it, but I was going to mention it today to the G.M.

So we drive there, and the notice is stuck on the door saying we had all been transfer to a Family Fitness on U.S.19.  I belong to it already, but didn’t go, because it wasn’t personal like a family owned one.

Others were showing up, and complaining that we had all been there every day last week, and not a word to us.

Zumba was in progress, but with the people that go there, combined with around 25 of us, I had my tiny area.  It meant I could go a foot in front, to the left, and behind me.  I was by the wall so couldn’t go to the right.

They say they are getting more equipment in, as their numbers have doubled.  I asked about boxing bags, as they only have one, and it was being used.  I mentioned that I volunteered to teach ladies boxing on a Wednesday morning, but that won’t happen again.

This is a new era for us, and we will have to see how it pans out.  No televisions in the social area, so hubby can’t watch the Premier league football on the weekends.  No group classes on Sunday, which we are used to.

I will give it a try, but most of the Infinity people had very long faces today.


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