So embarrassed.

I am at the dentist office, as I decided to get new dentures.

First off I couldn’t fill out my paperwork on the laptop, as they had put my account number in, and after all my information was added, it wouldn’t accept the account number.

I got here early and completed it.

I went to a desk where they did everything in their power for me to have the most expensive ones.

I told them that I have had dentures for almost 50 years, and these for the past 15. They still fit great, good color, can eat anything, but I have ground them down. I stuck to my guns as I didn’t need a 7 year warranty.

Sat back out in the waiting room until I was called. They did the first impression, and I had to not move my mouth/teeth with all that gunk was in my mouth. While I couldn’t answer, I had the second grilling about getting the ones with the 7 year warranty, instead of 6 months.

When I could answer I said I don’t need new ones now, but just wanted fullsize teeth.

Another technician came, and said I needed a second impression.


I am assuming the first one wasn’t done correctly.

The same horrible procedure, and this time it worked out. Then I had xrays taken.

Now I am sitting in the waiting room with no teeth in, and praying that I don’t have to speak to anyone, or that someone I know comes in.

Been here two and a half hours so hoping it won’t be much longer.

The prices are double as they charge separately for upper, and lower.


  1. Oh dear, I not a fun experience. I hate pushy sales people (which they are, in effect), so I would have been even less inclined to get the pricier 7yr guarantee ones after that. I know someone who’s recently had a full mouth of dentures and it cost about Β£2500 (UK) yikes. It’s good you’ve had your current ones for 15 years, may the new ones last another 15! xx

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  2. That mouth full of goo I experienced six years ago hoping to receive a partial uptop. The surgeon pulled the wrong tooth so had to redo. Then my husband got sick and we moved and all that prework and $went down the drain. After moving went to a new dentist and he advised getting all replaced. He said that filling in the front is going to fall out. Murphy’s law, fell out the very next day, or maybe he made it fall out during the exam process? I haven’t been back since. I no longer can afford it! So it’s gap city! Good luck, Susie!

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  3. I hear ya, sister. I dont have dentures yet, but am gonna get there soon. Bad/weak teeth run in my family. Golly, that warranty pressure. It took me forever to help pay for my Pops’ full dentures. So I know the hardship of the costs. That is why I am putting off getting braces because I certainly cant afford even fillings right now. Love the honesty in this post. πŸ’Ÿ I always rush to clean my Pops’ teeth for him because he wants them back right away, even though he may be in the hospital bed. 😊

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