Family Fitness are doing their best

Monday we were so upset that our local family orientated gym had closed.  I had people texting, and phoning me to moan about the way it was done.  I even had a phone call to say, would it be possible for all of us to get together, invest some money, and open it up.  I told them that the owners had let it run down, and it wouldn’t be feasible.

I am a Local Guide on Google Maps, so I went into Infinity Fitness and Beyond, and in red it states: Permanently closed.  An end of an era.

I wasn’t happy with Family Fitness on Monday, with the Zumba class full past capacity, but Tuesday’s class was less crowded.

There were no classes on a Sunday, so already a 10.30 a.m. class has been added, with Tara, who did the Sunday one at Infinity.

I spoke to them about boxing bags, as the only one was monopolized by one gentleman on Monday, and Tuesday mornings.  Today it was free.  I got to do my boxing, and kickboxing.  I couldn’t teach, like I usually do on a Wednesday, but was very happy to beat the crap out of the bag.  A great stress reliever.

Instead of a 6 minute drive on back roads, it’s 15 minutes on congested roads, but I can deal with that.  I know many people will have even further to drive.

I thank Family Fitness for working with us, as it must be difficult to double your membership overnight.



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