Finally getting my fitness regime back into sync.

What a crazy 4 days it has been for us, and many of our friends.  When you are seniors you tend to get comfortable in your lifestyle.  When you do something 7 days a week, it is hard to replace it.

This was pretty much my routine for the past 6 years.  Stretching, boxing, and weights on Mondays.  Tuesday Zumba and a little circuit training.  Wednesday my volunteer boxing class, and then weights at the morning gym.  In the afternoon boxing with my trainer.  Thursday Zumba, and in the afternoon Muay Thai Kickboxing with my trainer.  Friday would be Zumba Toning with weights.  Saturday and Sunday would either be Zumba, or working out in front of the televisions watching the English Premier League Football.

Monday and Tuesday this week I did Zumba, Wednesday the boxing bag was free so was able to have my first boxing of the week.  I wasn’t able to have boxing with my trainer in the afternoon, as I went with my husband to the doctor’s office.

Today I worked out with weights in the morning, and have just come back from Load More Plate, where Jake and I were Muay Thai Kickboxing.  He takes every ounce of strength out of me.

Tomorrow I will be doing Zumba at the new gym.  Saturday I am not sure whether I will go there, or Load More Plate, as my trainer, Ryan, said I am welcome to workout there anytime.

Sunday, Tara is doing a new Zumba class, so I will definitely be going to that.

Just had a thought, if I go to Load More Plate, I will be able to flip tires, which is something I miss.  Yes, it will all come together, just takes a little planning.




  1. Sounds like you find your passion in life, i’m very happy for you, whats happening with a gym? I hear it was some changes and they changed the music in to not so nice ones, the young lady was a bit rude, are still going to the same gym?

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